Tuesday, 2 June 2015


In order to promote the reading skills in our primary schools and put an end to the reading disabilities among rural children, the following considerations should be attended to:

Teachers:Teachers should put away their nonchalant attitude towards the need of their pupils on reading skills; they must plan an effective program on reading instructions with a focus on promoting reading culture among pupils in their various schools.

School Authorities:The school authorities should introduce informal education of readiness for reading. Non-structured reading instruction should be introduced and the child’s ability to respond to the reading materials be observed.

Parents:Parents and guidance should provide a stimulating reading environment for their children and wards. They should encourage their children to read at home. Books should be provided for them to improve their reading efficiency. They should also encourage their children to watch kiddies Television program. This will go a long way in improving their phonetic and vocabulary development. The children should cultivate the habit of using their leisure to read for pleasure.

Government:Government at the Federal, State and Local levels should try as much as possible to provide appropriate materials for teaching reading skills. Also, libraries should be provided for our primary schools, since the absence of libraries also constitute a lot to pupil’s efficiency in reading skills.

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