Friday, 19 June 2015


It is very difficult at this point of the Rural Child Must Read programme (RCMR) not to get emotional as we are about moving the library to another community. Looking back we can only see kids with the passion and hunger to read and achieve destiny but might not reach their goals because life has brought with it, lots of hindrances and difficulties.
One of those kids is Okiemute, the chips vendor. Okiemute preferred to be in school than on the street where she has become a common food hawker. Okiemute's case leaves trace of tears in the eye when you watch her sitting with her book which she read passionately during our RCMR, abandoning her bucket of chips which she ought to be selling.
Okiemute is one typical example of situation and challenges being faced by this poor kids who hadn't the right to choose what life would offer them, that this programme 'RCMR' by Onuesoke Foundation has brought to bare. It is pathetic and heart crushing to see children with so much zest and zeal but with little opportunity. It is a rape of destiny when we fail to help this young stars actualize their dream and satisfy their curious quest for knowledge.
Lets help take as many Okiemutes as are out there away from the street and back to the classrooms. That's where they will be better...

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