Monday, 8 June 2015


BOOKS! BOOKS! , They saw them in beautiful colors, so appealing to their eyes, they have nt seen books this much, beautiful colors, sizes, shapes ..picture books, story books, subject title was all books in the truck ,on the wall. on the shelves ,enchanting! their eyes sparkled with the story topic...ooh the pictures! and they were amazed at seeing books this much and they were hungry to pick all and read.....the word library was strange and new to many of them.....we had to explain..i personally did that our our local language . It has been fun all the way but we had some challenges....most of them could not read because they cant pronounce simple words..I SAW THE BACK DROP OF RURAL EDUCATION-THE RURAL TEACHER AND THE RURAL CHILD..
I SAW THE EFFECT ON THE RURAL CHILD....a child said "i will sleep inside here and read all the books at night"
they were over whelmed! if these children have no access to books, how can they develop the interest to read? ONUESOKE FOUNDATION LIBRARY IS PROVIDING THIS ACCESS TO RURAL CHILDREN.....

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