Monday, 4 May 2015

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Development and industrialization has come to stay in this modern time. Technology and science as supposed has propelled mans' advancement faster. Nothing is ever as they were made to be. Water bodies are displaced and replaced with structures. Plants are cut down for textile. Trees fallen are used for buildings and furniture. Excavations are done on lands in search for resources with which man's goods would be made. Yes nothing really just comes from the stores. Nothing really is natural any more even transportation which was once done with the use of animals is now replaced with faster and more convenient machines. Technology and science has provided us with so much luxury but at the expense of our environment. Development and modernization has blinded our eyes to the need for a green environment.

A green environment is essential for mans existence. It is needed for;
(a) The provision of oxygen.
(b) The provision of real food.
(c) The absorption of ultraviolet rays (heat) of the sun.
(d) The absorption of greenhouse gasses.
(e) The availability of healthcare products.

The above mentioned reasons are but a few among the numerous reasons why we must keep our environments green. Though they might not be sounding too rosy but you will agree with me that they are more essential to mans survival than any artificial luxury technology can provide. Man can hardly live in the absence of oxygen and green plants will ever remain the major source of oxygen to man. The greenness of our environment also determines the kind of food we eat as we all know that natural food is healthier for the body than organic foods.

Image result for why we need to keep our environment green with pictures

Again the average temperature of places are increasing due to more heat of the sun now reaches the earth. Global warming and climate change can all be mitigated against or at least reduced if and only if we plant tress which will help in the absorption of this excess heat. Carbons emitted due to our industrial and economic activities which are hazardous to man can only be absorbed by these green plants which we are deplacing for structures.

Therefore there is need for us to protect our environment and keep it green if we must keep existing.

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