Saturday, 9 May 2015


Everything we do in our day to day lives emits CO2 into the atmosphere. That means that making small changes in what we do, or  how we do it, can have an impact in preventing the onset of climate change. Collectively we can make a difference. Here are a few tips;
*Holidays: don't fly, take a train or an alternative transport method
*Shopping: minimize the number of shopping trips you take by planning ahead and writing a list
*Nightlife: walk to your local facilities rather than taking the car
*Sports: try cycling, walking, running to get from point A to B

At work
Don't leave your good environmental habits at home- take them to the office too. Take public transport to work or walk rather than take your car, or share journeys with colleagues. Turn off appliances, equipments and lights off when you have finished using them, and, importantly, shut down your computer rather than just logging off. And for the things you can't change- speak to the person who can see if your employers have a greener policy in place.

To a greener planet, and all that can bring,
Onuesoke Foundation.


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