Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Food is one of the most important necessities for survival. Foods are of various kinds and prepared in various methods. Just as we are different in culture and creed so are the foods which we eat for growth and development different; even the ways we cook our foods also differs. Foods are prepared when we cook, grill, roast, or fry them. All foods have the ways one is expected to prepare them if he expects to derive satisfaction from them.

People cook with the aid of different things. Some may cook with a kerosene stove, others may cook with the electric stove or gas cookers or even the firewood and tripod stands all is geared towards attaining the same goal of passing the food through heat. However, in some part of Africa and Asia, the firewood is still used for preparing foods. It is used when food is prepared in large quantity. The firewood is still in wide usage as there is this popular believe among Africans, particularly Nigerians; that foods cooked with firewood is always sweeter.

Yes, the believe that firewood foods are sweeter than foods cooked with any other kind of stove may be true but the question is whether it is totally safe both to the body and the environment? I believe that as humans we must put safety above taste. As we all know that the combustion of firewood produces CO2 which is a harmful gas both to the body and the atmosphere. CO2 damages the lungs, the nasal cavity, and in fact all the respiratory organs and may also affect the lungs and the liver so also does it damage and deplete the ozone layer thereby causing more heat of the sun to reach the earth; a fact which contributes to global warming. The use of firewood gives out pollutants which makes our air unhealthy and unsafe. It may also be cheap and more readily available even to the very poor in the society but its use can only cause harm and sickness and may even lead to death.

Sweet food is good but staying alive is sweeter. Stay away from soot and smoke and you may be adding to your own life expectancy.

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