Tuesday, 19 May 2015


The impact of the mobile library to children in the rural communities cannot be under-emphasized. It is an educative initiative that will help to change the lives of vulnerable children in rural communities.

The mobile library is a literacy on wheels initiative that helps to bring reading materials at the “beck and call” of rural children. It brings reading materials right at doormats of rural children making it easy for them to access and use these educating materials to the fullest.

Most schools in the rural communities are void of libraries; this invariably hinders the reading capacity of children found in such areas. The mobile library has come as a messiah to help the children of the rural communities enjoy the benefits of a library like their counterparts in the more developed areas.

The mobile provides an ample opportunity for the rural children to improve their reading culture and ability. This will in turn boost the vocabulary banks of these children, equipping them proficiently in the academic world.

They say an “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. The mobile library consists of an initiative that allows children to borrow books and read in their homes. This keeps them children gainfully engaged during their idle periods, keeping them away from troubles.

The mobile library is equipped with both local and foreign books that expose the rural children to the intricacies of the culture and customs of the wider world.

It is a movable library that moves from place to place. It has the ability of covering a wide range of areas within a short period of time, at the same time achieving its goal and objective.

This is to mention but a few of the benefits of the mobile library to rural children. This is an initiative that has come to transform the educational and social lives of the less privileged children in rural communities!

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